Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Growing Family

Here is another layout I did capturing snapshots of Raya family photos. I am very blessed for this beautiful family, and want to capture the “growing family”. It starts from 2005, with the arrival of Zareef in June 2005, up to 2008, when we are blessed with our daughter, Zara. I tried to find 2004 Raya photos, when there are only two of us (well, two and a half actually) but I couldn’t find any! Then I remembered that Zul was down with dengue fever that Raya, thus we don’t have any Raya photos! He has to stay in hospital for one week during that Raya.

For this layout I choose a simple and clean template, with a hand made flower occupying most of the space. I enhanced the flower with hand-stitch border, and also hand-stitch green ribbon as the flower’s stalk. For the title, I also hand-stitch the flower’s stalk to let it blend in with the theme. I am still experimenting with different techniques, but I really love stitching as it gives dimension to the whole layout. I will do a lot more stitching after this, that I may need a sewing machine next! (hint* hint*)

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