Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Girl

Hello hello! We got some close friends visiting us tonight. Gosh, I don't realize how much I missed hanging out with friends like that.. We were very close, since we've been friends since we're early teens.. The whole family came, the whole 12 of them (plus 3 toddlers)!!

Ok.. enough rambling.. am so tired now but want to load this first.. This layout is based on Get Picky July sketch challenge. I used a kit I just received from Shazza for FS2S challenge win. Thank hon, it is really lovely! Fits perfectly with these lovely pictures of Zara.. Again, very simple one.. (I am getting lazy! :)))

Yawnn... it's time to sleep now.. rise and shine early tomorrow.. Thanks again for visiting!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Way!

Hello peeps! I am so glad that hubby is coming home tomorrow! Yippieee!!! Another simple layout I did last weekend.. This time playing along with Challenge Me Happy #3 sketch challenge. How do you like my paint job? :)) I had fun playing with paint and love how it turned out!

This picture of Zareef was taken a year ago, during his first days in child care. What did he do? Yeap, had a fight! Someone in his class scratched his face, not once, twice but thrice!! But I know Zareef was tough as the teacher said he fought back alright!! Ahhhh.. boys!

I am inspired by another song by Darren Criss from A Very Potter Sequel Musical.. I think the lyrics fit Zareef's fighting spirit perfectly.. Not that I encourage him to fight with other kids, but to fight & defend himself against all elements

There's no way you're gonna find me in the background
No way you'll gonna see me satisfied
No way they're ever gonna make back down
No No Way! There's No way! There's NO WAY!

What do you think?

Again, thanks so much for visiting!!! :))

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Day

Happy Sunday everyone. I know... I only got a couple of hours left of it though :( I want to share a layout I did this weekend. I did some very simple layouts... too lazy and not much time :))..

The internet is slow as Zareef used up our data quota! Yes, 2 weeks at home and what did he do???? So, sorry if I didn't drop by your blogs as I didn't have the patience to wait for the sites to load! But thankfully, it will reset to normal tomorrow.. yey!!!

I've been meaning to scrap Zareef's first days of school. Now he's already in his third term! He's doing well at school, and just wish he'll continue to enjoy it too. I used Sketchy Thursday Sketch 7.21 for this very simple layout..

Goodbye Sunday.. Hope ya'all have a great week ahead, and thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here We Go Again!

I am so beat tired today, guys! This whole week I am stuck in reviews for most of the day! But on the upside I had buffet lunch at The Langham... twice! LOL! Gotta love free lunches, right?

This layout is inspired by Creative Scrappers Sketch #164 . Here are pictures of me going all out at Port Arthur, Tassie! This is again inspired by a song.. some snippet of lyrics.. Can you guess which song? :)

Thanks for visiting everyone!!!! Love you all!! :))

Monday, July 18, 2011

Us holding hands

Monday must be the worst day of the week! I hate Mondays! I was stucked the whole day in reviews, bummer! Anyway, it's time for another Scrap It With A Song reveal. This time we are honoring the Legend King of Pop Michael Jackson. It's almost two years since his passing.. So we're celebrating with the song Remember The Time.. Such an amazing song!

I chose a line in the song 'Do you remember.. us holding hands'. It reminded me of this lovely photos of Zara holding both my husband and my hands. I think the photo deserved the center stage, so I kept the layout as simple as possible.

So please join us over at SIWAS!!!! and thanks so much for visiting! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello everyone... It has been a tough few days for us, with the recent passing of my beloved mom-in-law. She had been nothing but nice to me, and purely love her children & grandchildren. She will be sorely missed, and wish all our prayers and du'a to her.


As life continues on, I like to share a layout I did last week for Butterfly Crafts as their July guest designer. It is based on a beautiful Dior poster, where I am inspired by the colors and the balloons.

This layout is also inspired by the song Human, by Darren Criss. Yes, I admit that I am a big fan of him :) Still hope for the day when he will come and do a show down under :)) I really love this song that he wrote when he was only 15yo. I am just a dumb human like you ;)

Thanks for visiting... :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

You're Perfect!

A new week is here... I didn't get to so much scrapping this last weekend.. We went to Melbourne Museum on Saturday and had a get-together with friends at our house on Sunday. So, a busy but an enjoyable indeed. Anyway, I managed to whip this one out though..

This layout is inspired by the color PINK, my favorite color! Scrap The Girls July challenge is to scrap a layout based on the album cover of Pink Greatest Hits.. So Far.. :) I am not really a big fan of Pink, but I have to say her songs are catchy :)) We have to use any song title or lyrics in the layouts too. I chose her song F***in Perfect (yeah, it's Pink.. what do you expect? LOL) The lyrics really fits these adorable pictures of Zara, running along the beach of Great Ocean Road.

I also join The Lollipop Ladies Challenge #24 of Cotton Candy/Fairy Floss. Yeah, more pink!!! Additional criteria is to include Fibres in the creation. So, I have some fabric tag and laces (if that counts!). The sketch is from Sketchy Thursdays 7.7 challenge. Love the banner in the sketch.. in this one I used chipboard laundry hanging on a line.. :)

Thank you so much for visiting and dropping lovely comments.. :))

Friday, July 8, 2011

Trying my hands in card making again

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!!! Yey TGIF!! :) I am tired today, after spending almost half a day shopping with my girlfriend. Not that I am complaining :) So I will make this quick.. I made these cards last week. One for my hubby and one for my girlie who are celebrating their birthdays this week.. I think I like card making more now.. It's fun!

Yay weekend is here.. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear!

I had a lovely day today. It is my hubby's birthday today, so we had a nice lunch and watched Transformers 3 today :)) Honestly quite disappointed with the movie since we have high hopes for it. We are huge fans of the 1st and 2nd movies, but this one didn't quite make it somehow.... But the special effects are brilliant at least!

So here is a layout dedicated to him.. This is the second time I scrapped this photo since I like it so much.. :) I am inspired by Get Picky June Inspiration challenge, which to scrap from a lovely poster from Sex & The City 2. Also, inspired by Let's Get Shabby Challenge #25, which is also a poster inspiration challenge, with addition to use number '2' and choose 2 items to include from a list of embellies. For this one, I used chipboards and ribbons.

Both posters have strong blue influence in them, which brought me to join Scrapbookers Anonymous July challenge. The challenge this time is to scrap our hard to use colors, or colors that are piling up in our stash. I had these lovely baby blue flowers, ribbons and stickers from Bella for a long time but it was hard for me to use them. If you know me, I like bright colors!! Even my 'subdued' colors are still brighter than this! So I took up the challenge and kind of like how 'soft' this layout turned out.

The sketch is from Once Upon A Sketch July 1st challenge. The journaling criteria is to name the person in the photo and describe a fact about them. There are more than one fact about my hubby to write about.. maybe a bit cheesy here, but hey, it's his birthday anyway! :))

Sorry for my long rambling... here's the layout..

Happy Birthday again my dear! Thank you again for visiting.. :)) Your comments are really appreciated!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue Skies

Hello everyone! Winter has turned around again... no more sunshine, but rain, cold and strong wind instead.. :(( Too bad since it is school holiday now. Oh well, I want to share a layout I did last Sunday. Ironic the title doesn't reflect the weather now! Plus, this is my first layout scrapping non-people pictures!

The layout is inspired by Scrapping The Music "Blue Skies" challenge, hence the title. The pictures of Tassie beach and white sand just screamed Blue Skies at me.. hehe.. I am also joining color challenge at Challenge Me Happy 2nd challenge. The bright colors are so summery!! For this layout, I used Pencil Lines Sketch #244.


Thanks again for dropping by...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hold Me Tight

I can't believe that Sunday is over! And it's the start of school holiday here! Oh well, here is another of Scrap It With A Song... The song this time is Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. Another classic, as I barely remember this song.. he he.. There are a lot of beautiful lines from the song to scrap with, quite romantic really :) You barely realize what most songs are about unless you really look into the lyrics, right?

So here I scrapped a picture of us near Three Sisters at Blue Mountain, Sydney :) I used Nook May kit for this one and lots of Prima flowers, which I am using a lot lately!

On the other hand,  June had been nice to me as I won a few challenges!!! First off is Scrap-It-Lah challenge for All That I Need...

Now I found out that I won From Screen 2 Scrap UP challenge too!

Plus this Sweet Dollies layout here won My Fave Toys challenge AND Butterfly Crafts challenge too.. 
I am super excited!

I don't usually expect to win when I enter these challenges.. I just did them because they are fun and inspirational. But winning is like the icing on the cake :)

Thanks again for dropping by... Your lovely comments always keep me motivated and make my day.. And don't forget to join us at Scrap It With A Song and Sketchabilities. Also, do join me and other talented ladies in Polkadot Door Design July blog hop! Have a great week of July ahead!


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