Monday, August 31, 2009

Radiant at 50

I have been wanting to scrap the pictures of my mother's 50th birthday for some time. Creative Scrappers' Sketch #66 is perfect for these pictures. Mama is as radiant as ever, at age of 50. She looks great, people sometimes think that she's my sister. (Should I be offended instead? hehe).

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun in the park

Good day, everyone! Another simple layout from me, this time it's for ScrappinKids August challenge, which is a sketch challenge. I love this cute Crate Papers pp, and they fits the park theme. Here are pictures of the kids running around at Shah Alam park, in front of the museum. We played soccer and just enjoyed a nice day out. We should do this more often!

To all Malaysians, have a nice Merdeka weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Another girly layout of Zara.. I just love making girly pinky layouts.. :) This layout is inspired by Creative Scrappers Sketch #65. I love the College Press paper soft colors and decided to stay true to the paper. Coincidently, I made 2 monochromatic layouts last weekend, a pink one for Zara and a blue one for Zareef. How stereotypical of me, right? hehe.. Here Zara looks so adorable, smiling at 4 months.. We were at KLCC park, joining ERC Fun Run.


Another layout inspired by Twisted Sketch #11. The twist for this one is to do a monochromatic layout.. I choose to scrap these pictures of Zareef splashing around in the pool at Awana Kijal last December. I just realized I am short of blue papers!! I had a hard time finding papers to match in this layout. This layout is too "organized" for my usual style, but I love how the blues compliment the pictures. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zareef's 4th Birthday mini album

Here is a mini album of Zareef's 4th birthday party last June. It's been a while, and it took quite a long time to finish this but here it is.. Mostly done with Basic Grey Lime Rickey collection, together with some Sassafras scrap that I have lying around. I just loved the bright colors of the BG papers, really suit the birthday theme.. Since Zareef is really into constructions and robots now, I have lots of robot stickers in this album. When he saw this album, he ask me who are the robots. But he named the yellow one 'Bumblebee' and the red one "Optimus Prime'... :)

I also managed to get every guests to write down some momentos for Zareef. I bind them together into a smaller mini and inserted it into a pocket at the end of the album. It is a great way to capture the memories!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Papier's Aloha party

Last Sunday, we had a rockin' good fun at Papier's Aloha party! Together with my friends Faz (newbie scrapper) and Sakeenah (revived scrapper), I had lots of fun. The theme was of course, Hawaiian, and Jessy made sure that I wear both the hula skirt AND the flowers string. I do looked silly, but what the heck, it was for the fun of it. (Thanks Jessy for dressing me up! haha).

We started with a make and take session by the RD Jessy. We made a simple mini by using only one pattern paper, perfect for a quick gifts to friends or family (another homework by Jessy!). Next we had a Slice demo by GD Rosa, kind of like promoting the tool too. I would love to have one, but is costs almost RM900!!! It will be long term investment, if you use it often enough, and won't buy any ready-made stickers or letters.. hehehe.. I would like to own a die-cut cutter, but not in the near future.. (no budget).

After that we played games.. First, we played treasure hunt, where the answers are products in the store. Some questions were very tricky, but luckily my team was good! But we were not fast enough and ended up in 2nd place. The 1st place team continued to limbo rock. Faz was in that team and suprise suprise.. she rocked in limbo rock!! (hidden talent??) She was among the last two standing.. but she lost in the end.. but it's OK sis, good job! hehe.. Lastly, we played passing the coconut.. Each of us took out a piece of paper from the coconut and read it aloud. Some of us got lucky and got free gift (like Faz), but being me, I was amongst the unlucky ones.. Together with Sakeenah, we had to spell ALOHA.. with our butts!!! (very funny, Jessy!)

Papier also had hourly sale for papers, tools, embellishments and stamps.. Just wish that they didnt do it hourly, since we had to pay over and over again.. it will be easier if we just pay at the end (plus you can't use credit card with below RM50 purchases, lucky that I had enough cash). I didn't buy a lot, but I did bought all the Prima glitters left in the store (sorry, Jessy! hehe).. And of course, we had lovely finger foods after that.. I do meet some new scrapper friends, too! All in all, it was a tiring but fun day indeed!!

Me with Faz and Sakeenah
Make and take session
Me with new scrapper friend, Yus
with some of the Aloha girls
Faz rockin' the limbo!

Get dirty

Here is another layout I did last weekend.. This one is inspired by Twisted Sketch #10. It's time to scrap a picture of friends instead, after creating lots of kids layouts. This picture was taken during my 5th year service anniversary. Together with Azlina, we celebrated it at Deli'cious Cafe at KL with our close friends and our bosses. It was a fun day.. the food was delicious and the atmosphere was great. Each of us got a tissue package that had "get dirty" written on it. We thought that it was funny and had good laughs about it. So when we took group photo, we took out the get dirty tissue package.. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Another layout.. this time inspired by Scrap Whispers challenge #40, where we have to follow a nice and simple sketch provided. I am really into sketches now.. I think they are fun, and love how everyone interpret them differently :) Anyway, this layout is all about our princess, Zara.. I just adore this picture of her taken in Enchanted Forest studio by our trusted cameraman Amru.
It was not easy to get this awesome shot of her wearing fairy wings and wand. We tried to put a tiara on her but that was too much.. hehe.. Glad to be able to scrap this photo!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cherish each other

I was on a roll last weekend, completing 4 layouts in 2 nights! Guess that the creative juice was on a high.. hehe.. Here is a layout I did inspired by Creative Scrappers Sketch #64. It is a fun sketch, and loved playing with it. I decided to scrap this sweet and cute picture of Zareef and Zara, which is hard to get by. Usually they wont stay still and most of the time wont smile at the camera. Glad that they have each other, just hope that Zareef will treat his sister better, which I think he will when he is bigger (I hope!).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

You go, Man!!

This simple layout is inspired by Twisted Sketch #9. Love the circles around the frame. The twist is to doodle in the page. I never doodle in my layouts before but I enjoyed it. What a fast and fun way to add textures to the page! I finally managed to use this bright colored 'On the Whimsy' papers from Pansy Pants Design. Never fit into my layouts before, so glad I used it in this layout.

I love this picture of Zareef styling his (mine) sunglasses.. Like what he always says, "You go, Man!" The picture fits that.. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rafting trip mini album

Here is my long overdue mini album.. I finally get it done.. yey! I did this album with Jessy at Papier ages ago and only now I managed to complete it. Jessy taught me how to use Zutter, which is an awesome tool if you are a mini album maniac. The only thing is that it is super expensive... maybe will get one for me one day, if I can afford it! I finished this album quite a while ago, but only got the chance to upload it now.

I decided to fill up the album with our recent white water rafting pictures. The organizers actually took our pictures while we were having fun, and sold the CD for only RM3. The pictures fit the papers nicely too. Enjoy!


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