Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ERC Scrapbooking Class with Teacher Nadhrah

Last Tuesday, ERC (stands for ExxonMobil Recreation Club) organized a Scrapbooking 101 class. It was taught by non other than our 'guru' Teacher Nadhrah.. The response was huge that they were forced to held it in 3 sessions, with 20 people in each sesion. In that class, we learned how to make basic layouts (yeah I know how to make a layout, but hard to pass on a chance to scrap during office hours! and did I mentioned that the class is subsized?)

Nadhrah, with her even bigger tummy, is fun as always. Each of us was given 2 patterned paper and a cardstock, and we have to create a layout following a sketch provided by teacher Nadhrah. She brought a lot of stuffs with her... flowers, stamps, ink, die-cuts!! So I took this opportunity to use her goodies!! The paper set I've got may not be my cup-of-tea, but I managed to create a layout out of it (tak ikut 100% teacher's layout.. itula, degil.. hehe). I used lots and lots of Nadhrah's flowers. Who knew that inexpensive flowers can make nice layouts.

Everybody did great!! A lot of first-timers, but their layouts are awesome!! Not bad at all.. I am sure a lot of them will be serious scrappies after this. The more the merrier!! Nadhrah picked one lucky winner, who will enjoy 40% discount to shop at her store.. Wuiyooo, bestnyer!! Congrats to the winner!!! (Sorry, don't know her name.. ). We surely had fun that day.. hope that ERC will organize more crafts session like this.. Count me in!!

Here are some pics of the day..

Teacher Nadhrah yang tengah sarat.. but still is very very active
Everybody was so into it.. now it's time to clean up
A few of the layouts
The lucky and proud winner..
The girls with our layouts.. Hurray for us!!
And here is my layout.. With the tight space and time to scrap, I am satisfied with my layout. I thought of adding finishing touches to the layout, but I think it look fine the way it is... Love the 4-leaves clover with the ladybug on it... And aren't the flowers lovely? Everything compliments the pictures of Zara getting messy with dragonfruit. :))

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Girl

Here is another layout of my girl..Zara. I am inspired by Creative Scrappers Sketch #61. I wanted to make something sweet for Zara, but ended up looking bolder than I intended. But I kind of like how it turned out; how the reds matches with her dress.. These pictures were taken during Zareef's 4th birthday party. She is just soo sweet when she smiles, really a heartwarmer.. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

There's Magic in The Air

There is a new blog around the block! Visit There's Magic In The Air for a chance to win this aweeesoommeee blog candy! I cant wait for their first reveal next month!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shout out to a new venture!

My scrapbook buddies (and teacher) just ventured into a new scrapbooking business. Kudos to Jessy and Watie for this great idea!! What they do is to create handmade keepsakes for anybody that wants their memories preserved in a special way. They create scrapbooking layouts, mini albums, cards, gifts and also photography services! How cool is that? And believe me, these gals are talented bunch of scrappies and photographers. Do check their new blog D-Memory Keeper for a special welcome package.

All the best, ladies!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scrap the Boys July challenge

Here is a layout for Scrap the Boys July challenge, where the theme is "Real boys don't... ". Actually, we are suppose to scrap pictures of our boys doing girly things, but I can't find any suitable picture of Zareef acting girlish. I guess that our boy is 100% boy and rough and tough as boys can be.. haha..

But I think it's appropriate to scrap stuffs that real boys do too. So here it is, Real Boys are nice to girls. Zareef is most almost nice to girls about his age. He acted all sweet and nice around girls, especially with his buddy Qariena or Nana. But this does not apply to Zara tough. It's all rough and tumble with Zara.. :)

Rapids Freaks!

Here is a layout I did using very cheerful Nikki Sivil's "My Cherry Pie" collection. Really love the colors of the papers, very cheerful and vibrant, and especially love the trees. It fits the picture of us having fun at Kuala Kubu Baru, thundering against the rapids. It was absolutely a memorable day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crop party.. Scraperocks! way

I managed to persuade a couple of my friends to try out scrapbooking. Faz and Yanie, my high school buddies, came to my house yesterday and we had a mini crop party.. Scrapperocks way! I gave them a complementary (kawan punya pasal) lesson of the very basic of scrapbooking, and they seemed to enjoy it. It will be good to have more of my friends jump into scrapbooking; the more the merrier. We can scrap n crop together and maybe even share or exchange our stash.

They did a simple layout, and tried a lot of techiniques, including stamping. I sure hope they will be a serious scrapper like me in the near future.. :)

Faz & Yanie hard at work..

What a mess! In a good way
Faz's layout.. with a picture of her parents
Yanie's layout.. with a space for her newborn boy soon!! (in few weeks)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mini Album {ME}

Finally, the mini album is finished... This album was taught by Yatie at Naddy's party last week. After months of scrapping, I noticed that I hardly scrap about myself. Most of the time it is either about Zareef or Zara or my family. So, it seems fit to create this minibook about me. Also, I realized that there are only a few nice photos of me, as I was the one who took most of the pictures and when I am in pictures, I did not look that good :) So, finding pictures to fit this album is kind of tough.. hehe.. and it is kinda weird scrapping about myself in a sense that I have to scrap and write nice things about me. When scrapping for others, I can easily compliment them by words like beautiful, cheerful, wonderful, etc etc..but when it is about me, it is weird.. :) Am I the only one that feel this way? hehe

So here it is.. my premier of ME..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear

As a celebration of my husband's birthday today, I made this simple layout to honor the love of my life.. Happy 28th birthday, dear. I am so humbly lucky to have you in my life, and hope we will have lots and lots of happy years together :)

This layout was made using Kaiserkraft papers that I really like. My husband's purple shirt reminds me of this papers instantly and finally a layout from these lovely papers...

Scrappin Kids July challenge

Scrappin Kids has a interesting challenge this month, which is to capture the moments that are not the most pleasant. I found this picture of Zareef who looked so 'tak puas hati' (unsatisfied) over something. We were outside playing at our lawn. I can't remember exactly why he was so grumpy as he always has that face on him, especially when he didn't get his way. My guess is that he just picked a fight with Zara, we scolded him, and then he went merajuk.. heheh..

This layout is a very simple one, but I like the bright colors, and how it contrast with Zareef's darker mood. I also just love the lion stickers, aren't they cute? It fits the theme, as when he's mad, he sometimes growled like a lion. :) It's been a while since I use lots of thickers and this title really deserved the main attention.. to highlight Zareef's favorite words when he needs our attention.. "Oh Mom, I got big problem here!!!"

Scrappingchix 1st anniversary party!

I attended Scrappingchix anniversary party yesterday, and it was a blast! The owner, Nad made us feel at home and not to mention served lots of yummy delicious food. Not only we're feasting the eyes with Nad's lovely creations and hard-to-resist scrapping supplies, we're heavily feasting on the food too! Nad and her mom baked like 6 or something different kind of cakes and pastries, in addition to soto and yummy appetizers.

Opps.. back to the scrap party. We had a fun time making mini album with guest designer Yatie. We did a chipboard gate-fold like album, and it was my first try on embossing technique. Now I have to get myself a heat gun! The effect is just awesome! We didn't finished our albums, since we were busy shopping (hehe). I am not a big mini album fan, but I will try and embellish the album as soon as I can.

Thanks for the fun time, Nad. Although her place is sooo far away (took me almost an hour plus the sesat2), the trip was definitely worth it. I also got to meet new scrapper friends. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, Nad!

Nad's lovely altered art...
The lot..
Me with Scrappingchix Nad


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