Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day Tribute..

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there... especially to my husband, who has been a great dad to my kids. I don't know how I would take care of the kids alone, and appreciate him really really much. One thing for sure, his influence and guidance on the kids are strong, and they are very lucky to have him as their dad. Thank you dear, Happy Father's Day!

Here is a layout I did before I left for Houston.. seems like a long time ago...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scrapperocks Frenzy!

The quest has begun.. We invaded the first store, Hobby Lobby. Although it is not a 'real' scrapbook store (it is an art, craft, home deco, sewing, etc store), it has a BIG variety of scrapbook materials! I went goo-goo ga-ga over them, and even my mom joined the hype and craziness. I think I influenced my mom to start scrapbooking too (previously she doesnt seems to get why I'm so into scrapbooking.. hehe). I bought a cart-loads of paper packs and stickers, which I think were such a good bargain. Other stuffs are just so-so, only slightly cheaper than at Malaysia. They also have clearance, and their clearance are not like in Malaysia! They were almost 50% off, and very nice stuffs too! (No way these stuffs will be in clearance basket in Malaysia)

Ok, here are the picture of yummylicious things I bought today.. Dont you love the paper packs? I'm sure if my scrapbook friends are here with me, we will go crazy and shop for hours! I plan to sell some of the paper loose.. any takers? Will go to one more shop before in Houston before I go home (yes, only ONE more.. look at the damage done with one store!). This one is a specialized Scrapbook Place.. hope that they have more choice and more clearance! Ok, will update later! If I am rajin enough (or excited enough) I will try & scrap (with my mom?) here.

The paper packs.. One paper pack has 180 pieces (high quality!), but only costs US20. Cheap, right?

The others.. stickers on bargain cost only US2- US3 (including the lovely K&Co stickers)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome (again)

Hi fellow scrappers and friends, welcome to my Scrapperocks! blog. I decided to revive it again, after aborting the blog for a while. I thought that it will be easier just to update one blog, our family's zazamazu. But, as I progressed through the scrapbooking realm, I realized that a blog is essential for scrappers as a way to share their masterpiece and as the main communication tool. Also, for some scrappers, their blog served as their 'resume' to apply for a Designer job for a manufacturing company or a challange site. Hence, I revived this blog, with a facelift. Thanks for dropping by this blog, and your comments and support just motivate and inspire me further.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Layouts for our Birthday Hero

This week, I did these layouts about our Birthday Boy Zareef. He turns 4 this June, so it is the perfect time to create layouts for my boy (plus without realizing, I have lots of boyish papers and embellishments!). I still can't believe that Zareef is 4 years old already. Time flies so fast, you can barely catch them growing up!!

Love these pictures of Zareef playing at the park near our house. I finally got the chance to use this very cool Fancy Pants paper, which is perfect for the occasion.

I love these boyish and grunge papers from Kaisercraft, and this picture is perfect for it! This picture was taken by Amru during Qamelia 1st birthday. Love the shot, showed a mischiveous and naughty look of Zareef :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bearybox challenge #28 - SWEET

I just could not resist the interesting sketch from Bearybox challenge #28, that I created a layout from it. I finally managed to use the large flowers I have in my stash (just love flowers!). I love this picture (thanks amru for the nice shot!) of Zareef and Soraya's daughter, Qariena. Zareef is very close with Qariena @ Nana. Everytime they meet, they will hold hands and go everywhere together... hehe.. (romeo sungguh!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Houston 2006 pull mini album

I finally managed to complete one of the mini album I created with Jessy @ Papier. Thanks Jessy for the lesson, a private lesson lagi! I love this self-flip pull album. You can pull the tabs and the pages will flip by itself. Nice one, Jessy! I did an album about my business trip to Houston in 2006, where my hubby and Zareef accompanied me.

Zareef was about 1 year 4 months at that time. We had fun, went to the Aquarium, Houston Zoo, The Children's Museum (Zareef really like this place.. ) and visited friends. It was during Ramadhan (we cant enjoy the 'sponsored' food that much la.. ) but we had fun.. The plane ride was very tiring with a very active Zareef on board. Lucky that I was in business class (poor hubby back at economy) so that Zareef had his 'space' to play around. So, in the other hand, kind of thankful that Zara is not coming to Houston with me next week, as I knew how tiring will that be. But my mother and I are still sad that Zara can't come along for an all-girls outing.. plus very sad that I have to totally wean her off, as I wanted to bf her until she is 2...

Ok.. here are some pictures of the album. For more picture, visit my Scrapperocks! gallery

Monday, June 1, 2009

Scrap-It-Lah challenge

I entered this layout for Scrap-It-Lah May challenge, and guess what? I won! This is my first time winning a challenge, and am very happy about it :) I didnt expect to win, and this layout was done using free papers from Scrapbook Magazine! Thanks Scrap-It-Lah for the lovely challenge.

Also, I am honored to be part of their design team! Thank you for the opportunity, ladies. Although I am new at this, I'll try my best to create lovely layouts for you guys, and at the same time promote Scrapbooking to more people in Malaysia!

Check out Scrap-It-Lah June challenge, which you have to interpret a lovely sketch by Jessy, in addition to making your own flowers from patterned papers and buttons. This is the same challenge we had in the crop party @ Scrappingville, where I did a layout about Zara's heart-melting smiles. We need more submission, especially to new talents to reveal themselves. It is also a great solution if you're having an artist-block.. just follow the challenge's instructions!

So, what are you waiting for, Scrap-It-Lah!


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