Wednesday, February 3, 2010

S4 Class of 2009

I've been wanting to scrap Zareef's drawings and paintings for some time, so here's my first attempt. I decided to scrap his class picture, S4 Class of 2009, together with his hand prints. I love how Zareef has his hands and feet printed every year, it is a great keepsake. I have one from S3 (2008) too and his hands has grown quite a lot! I also include the name of all his classmates so he can remember it someday. Even at 4 years old, he already has a 'girlfriend' (or so he claims)! Unfortunately, the girl is not in the picture so I have no idea how she looks like... Oh, kids nowadays!

This layout is inpired by Twisted Sketch #32. The twist this time is to use stamps, so I stamp the tag for the journaling. I keep the layout simple and concentrate on the picture and the fun stickers. For the journaling, I included the list of his classmates. TFL!!


  1. What a sensational layout! love all your detail work on this!!!!

  2. Hi Mazlina,
    we meet last week during the crop party at papier. Just wanted to say how wonderful and inspiring ur lo's are to me. Seriously..u've got major talent!!! hehehe. I admire ur work so much. Very2 nice indeed..:)

  3. That is a cool LO for ur lil boy & his classmates. Something to treasure when he grows up. When I saw u actually wrote Zareef's gf, I LOL!! He will be embarassed to see it the next time. I see that u enjoy layering the buttons huh?

  4. Haha.. that is my intention, jessy.. :) yeah, you saw me last week layering buttons too.. hehe.. it's a great way to add depth!

  5. this is the hands...nice!

  6. maz:..tiba2 i nmpk "GF Zareef"..haha..cuteee


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