Monday, February 14, 2011

V-day layout - Family LOVE

Happy Valentine's Day!!! We don't really celebrate V-day, as it is against our believes and plus it is too commercialized. But to all that do celebrate, hope you guys have a fantastic (and romantic) times :))))

As it turns out, this layout I did last weekend fits Valentine's Day theme. Here's a layout of the loves of my live, my son and daughter :) They fill my life with laughter (and also screaming) and they totally complete our lives!

I had these fantastic pink, black and white ribbons and stickers for a long long time, just that I haven't got the opportunity to use them yet. When I see these pictures, I know straight away what to do.. and love the results of incorporating those bright colors ribbons and stickers!

Thanks for visiting! Happy V-Day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Maz! What a nice colourful in pink layout! love this...gorgeous faces of your kids! Miss you Maz!

  2. ahhh another beautiful layout.... Very eye-candy.... Stunning colors... and of course your kiddos are just darling..... keep it coming... love to see your creation... very inspiring....hugs...xoxo

  3. So good to see another layout! Loving the alternate colors u did for the background. Glad to see that the kids are adapting so well :)

  4. Super cute layout. I am so inspire to do a layout now. I am a new follower and love to invite you to my blog for a give away. Enter @


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