Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello everyone... It has been a tough few days for us, with the recent passing of my beloved mom-in-law. She had been nothing but nice to me, and purely love her children & grandchildren. She will be sorely missed, and wish all our prayers and du'a to her.


As life continues on, I like to share a layout I did last week for Butterfly Crafts as their July guest designer. It is based on a beautiful Dior poster, where I am inspired by the colors and the balloons.

This layout is also inspired by the song Human, by Darren Criss. Yes, I admit that I am a big fan of him :) Still hope for the day when he will come and do a show down under :)) I really love this song that he wrote when he was only 15yo. I am just a dumb human like you ;)

Thanks for visiting... :)


  1. I can feel you.... InshaAllah...will make du'aa for her... Please call me should you need anything...

    based on your layout I really love it... its beautiful... Bingo we both did pastel today...

    take care Maz...thinking of you... hugs...xoxo

  2. takziah Maz...
    and the layout is just beautiful, love the pic what a beautiful shot!

  3. Oh yes, I LOVE this so MUCH!! Gorgeous!!


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