Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Way!

Hello peeps! I am so glad that hubby is coming home tomorrow! Yippieee!!! Another simple layout I did last weekend.. This time playing along with Challenge Me Happy #3 sketch challenge. How do you like my paint job? :)) I had fun playing with paint and love how it turned out!

This picture of Zareef was taken a year ago, during his first days in child care. What did he do? Yeap, had a fight! Someone in his class scratched his face, not once, twice but thrice!! But I know Zareef was tough as the teacher said he fought back alright!! Ahhhh.. boys!

I am inspired by another song by Darren Criss from A Very Potter Sequel Musical.. I think the lyrics fit Zareef's fighting spirit perfectly.. Not that I encourage him to fight with other kids, but to fight & defend himself against all elements

There's no way you're gonna find me in the background
No way you'll gonna see me satisfied
No way they're ever gonna make back down
No No Way! There's No way! There's NO WAY!

What do you think?

Again, thanks so much for visiting!!! :))


  1. Beautiful paint job Maz, nice try! Love the white spaces and what a cute photo n poor boy got scratched.

  2. Woohoo Maz..love to see your hands got dirty!!!... LOL... You did well on the paint job!!! Love the blue!!!! the coffee stains and some splatter...Awesome babe!!! And YAY for DH... :) hugs...xoxo

  3. I love ur paint job!!! so cool! Poor zaref..good that he fought back. I wud tell my kid the same thing, if someone punch u..punch em back! Hehehehe..:)))))

  4. awesome boy :) have to give back :)
    cool job of painting.love it!

  5. So cool!! I really love your paint!!:)

  6. LOVE what you did with the paint!

  7. Very cool LO, love the paint work!!!


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