Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scrapperocks Frenzy!

The quest has begun.. We invaded the first store, Hobby Lobby. Although it is not a 'real' scrapbook store (it is an art, craft, home deco, sewing, etc store), it has a BIG variety of scrapbook materials! I went goo-goo ga-ga over them, and even my mom joined the hype and craziness. I think I influenced my mom to start scrapbooking too (previously she doesnt seems to get why I'm so into scrapbooking.. hehe). I bought a cart-loads of paper packs and stickers, which I think were such a good bargain. Other stuffs are just so-so, only slightly cheaper than at Malaysia. They also have clearance, and their clearance are not like in Malaysia! They were almost 50% off, and very nice stuffs too! (No way these stuffs will be in clearance basket in Malaysia)

Ok, here are the picture of yummylicious things I bought today.. Dont you love the paper packs? I'm sure if my scrapbook friends are here with me, we will go crazy and shop for hours! I plan to sell some of the paper loose.. any takers? Will go to one more shop before in Houston before I go home (yes, only ONE more.. look at the damage done with one store!). This one is a specialized Scrapbook Place.. hope that they have more choice and more clearance! Ok, will update later! If I am rajin enough (or excited enough) I will try & scrap (with my mom?) here.

The paper packs.. One paper pack has 180 pieces (high quality!), but only costs US20. Cheap, right?

The others.. stickers on bargain cost only US2- US3 (including the lovely K&Co stickers)


  1. sakan nampak!!! hahaha

  2. heheeh.. i baru je bayar my hutang.. sorry lambat.. been occupied.. apa lagi i patut beli? got one more trip for sb shopping!! :)

  3. beli lagi... tambah hutang lagi. bila lah nak habis bayar?? anyways, as long as your happy dearie.


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