Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome (again)

Hi fellow scrappers and friends, welcome to my Scrapperocks! blog. I decided to revive it again, after aborting the blog for a while. I thought that it will be easier just to update one blog, our family's zazamazu. But, as I progressed through the scrapbooking realm, I realized that a blog is essential for scrappers as a way to share their masterpiece and as the main communication tool. Also, for some scrappers, their blog served as their 'resume' to apply for a Designer job for a manufacturing company or a challange site. Hence, I revived this blog, with a facelift. Thanks for dropping by this blog, and your comments and support just motivate and inspire me further.

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Thanks you for dropping by.. Your comments are highly appreciated, they definitely make my day! Thanks a lot.


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