Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zara the Heartwarmer

I just wrote a few days ago of our Drama Queen Zara. But a couple of days ago, I observed something really heartwarming. As most of you know, Zareef always bullies Zara. He will hit her, push her, pull her, kick her, take things from her, etc (the list goes on..) without any reasons at all. But Zara will still adore her brother.

One day, Zara was running around the house and Zareef was riding his tricycle. Suddenly, without any reason, Zareef just ran over Zara. Of course, Zara cried her heart out. Ayah was so mad that he hit Zareef, because he did it even though we already shouted NO!. Zareef cried on the floor. Everybody was ignoring him, but Zara came to him and pat his face. Then, she walked to Ayah and pulled his hand and asked him to comfort Zareef. Wow, Zareef just ran over her, but she already forgave him, and wants him to stop crying!

That, to me, is something amazing. Even a one year old can forgive and forget, why can't we? I'm talking about myself especially :) Hope that she can remains like this forever.. hehe (cross your fingers)

Zara, you're truly one special girl!

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