Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mini Album {ME}

Finally, the mini album is finished... This album was taught by Yatie at Naddy's party last week. After months of scrapping, I noticed that I hardly scrap about myself. Most of the time it is either about Zareef or Zara or my family. So, it seems fit to create this minibook about me. Also, I realized that there are only a few nice photos of me, as I was the one who took most of the pictures and when I am in pictures, I did not look that good :) So, finding pictures to fit this album is kind of tough.. hehe.. and it is kinda weird scrapping about myself in a sense that I have to scrap and write nice things about me. When scrapping for others, I can easily compliment them by words like beautiful, cheerful, wonderful, etc etc..but when it is about me, it is weird.. :) Am I the only one that feel this way? hehe

So here it is.. my premier of ME..


  1. Wow that is a pretty album!! Love all the details on it, so much to see ;)

  2. Nice mini album you have there Mazlina! :) Me so jealous la u dah complete the mini album..Mine still remain as how I left hari party tu, tak tau la bila nak start balik.hehe..

  3. you look beautiful in all the pictures we have just like in real life. :P

    So bila nak buat mini album pasal hubby tersayang? i dont mind doing any poses. :)

  4. Beautiful album - only creating since January 2009??? You have a talent :)

  5. Hi Maz. . . this lil album is so beautifully done and what a beautiful family you have! TFS I love it!


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