Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crop party.. Scraperocks! way

I managed to persuade a couple of my friends to try out scrapbooking. Faz and Yanie, my high school buddies, came to my house yesterday and we had a mini crop party.. Scrapperocks way! I gave them a complementary (kawan punya pasal) lesson of the very basic of scrapbooking, and they seemed to enjoy it. It will be good to have more of my friends jump into scrapbooking; the more the merrier. We can scrap n crop together and maybe even share or exchange our stash.

They did a simple layout, and tried a lot of techiniques, including stamping. I sure hope they will be a serious scrapper like me in the near future.. :)

Faz & Yanie hard at work..

What a mess! In a good way
Faz's layout.. with a picture of her parents
Yanie's layout.. with a space for her newborn boy soon!! (in few weeks)


  1. it is awesome to see that u encourage Yr friends to try out scrapbooking!! Nice layouts!!

  2. yeah jessy.. it's more fun when you have friends around.. :) btw, i'm used the SIL June challenge sketch for them to try out.. hope you dont mind.. :)

  3. What a great way to spend a day with good friends ;)


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