Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ERC Scrapbooking Class with Teacher Nadhrah

Last Tuesday, ERC (stands for ExxonMobil Recreation Club) organized a Scrapbooking 101 class. It was taught by non other than our 'guru' Teacher Nadhrah.. The response was huge that they were forced to held it in 3 sessions, with 20 people in each sesion. In that class, we learned how to make basic layouts (yeah I know how to make a layout, but hard to pass on a chance to scrap during office hours! and did I mentioned that the class is subsized?)

Nadhrah, with her even bigger tummy, is fun as always. Each of us was given 2 patterned paper and a cardstock, and we have to create a layout following a sketch provided by teacher Nadhrah. She brought a lot of stuffs with her... flowers, stamps, ink, die-cuts!! So I took this opportunity to use her goodies!! The paper set I've got may not be my cup-of-tea, but I managed to create a layout out of it (tak ikut 100% teacher's layout.. itula, degil.. hehe). I used lots and lots of Nadhrah's flowers. Who knew that inexpensive flowers can make nice layouts.

Everybody did great!! A lot of first-timers, but their layouts are awesome!! Not bad at all.. I am sure a lot of them will be serious scrappies after this. The more the merrier!! Nadhrah picked one lucky winner, who will enjoy 40% discount to shop at her store.. Wuiyooo, bestnyer!! Congrats to the winner!!! (Sorry, don't know her name.. ). We surely had fun that day.. hope that ERC will organize more crafts session like this.. Count me in!!

Here are some pics of the day..

Teacher Nadhrah yang tengah sarat.. but still is very very active
Everybody was so into it.. now it's time to clean up
A few of the layouts
The lucky and proud winner..
The girls with our layouts.. Hurray for us!!
And here is my layout.. With the tight space and time to scrap, I am satisfied with my layout. I thought of adding finishing touches to the layout, but I think it look fine the way it is... Love the 4-leaves clover with the ladybug on it... And aren't the flowers lovely? Everything compliments the pictures of Zara getting messy with dragonfruit. :))

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  1. BEautiful, Beautiful layout!!! Love the flowers!!


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